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sukanto Kuri
Jul 06, 2022
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Therefore, when graphic designers are designing works, they cannot only pursue the perfection of the work, but must control the cost. If the most perfect work is designed, if the cost exceeds the budget, no matter how good the designed work is, it cannot guarantee that the work will be viewed and used by more people, and to a certain extent, the meaning of the graphic design will be lost. 4 Conclusion To sum up, the computer has led us into a new era, and computer technology has a very important position in the field of graphic design, but the key is whether professional designers can reasonably use computer technology, and secondly, Computer graphic design is not only the most important thing about the quality of the work, but its cost control is as important as the ideas expressed. Therefore, it requires professional designers to Photo Manipulation Services strengthen the training of their own professional qualities, so as to effectively ensure that our country is in computer graphic design. stable development. references [1] Yang Kai. The combination of design software in computer graphic design [J]. Science and Technology Prospects, 2016 (14): 16. [2] Zhu Shuai, Shi Chenxu. Research on the development trend of China's graphic design industry (2013~2014) [J]. Advertising Grand View (Theoretical Edition), 2015 (01): 39~46. [3] Bu Xiangtao. An analysis of the practical teaching of Photoshop graphic design application [J]. Science and Technology Information, 2012 (02): 255. [4] Zhou Yue, Zhou Yuexi. A brief discussion on the cultural innovation of advertising photography in computer graphic design [J]. Beauty and the Times (Part 1), 2011 (03): 97~100. [5] Wang Luyin. Research on practical training and teaching of computer graphic design courses for advertising majors [J]. Journal of Guangzhou Radio and Television University, 2008 (01): 38~42+109. Author: Deng Feng Unit: Zhuolu County Vocational Education Technology Center The development of graphic design needs to integrate modern and diversified elements, so as to obtain development by taking advantage of its popular and advanced advantages. Ink painting just fits the development needs of graphic design, and the combination of ink painting and graphic design has become an inevitable trend.

sukanto Kuri

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